Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hey NEPA, as you may have heard from my interview with Frankie or WBRE, I will be in Washington D.C. during the inauguration and have been blessed with the opportunity to report back on all the political happenings associated with this historic event. Since my voice will be falling on your early morning, not quite awake ears, I think it would be wise for me to just let you know a little more about me. I am David Cook, and again, no not the American Idol Winner, even though I do consider myself just as charming. I’ve grown up in Wilkes-Barre, and have grown close to the city even though she has her faults. Further, I am outspoken and try to add a bit of humor to every situation. I think we need to laugh more…there is a lot going on in the world, and most of it isn’t pleasant news, so really we need to enjoy the small funny things that happen, the little jokes and such, because when we feel better about the small things, the big issues don’t always seem as bad. Now that I’ve digressed on that little tidbit I’ll hop back on track by saying that I believe I am indebted to all of you who are reading this blog, and are welcoming me into your lives for the next couple weeks.Because I am so grateful to all of you, I want to know what you want to know about in regard to the election, politics, my political views, almost anything that you can think of. Post a comment on my blog or Email me at David.cook@wilkes.edu, and I will try to respond in my next blog to as many people as I can.

Also, be sure to check back regularly for updates on my inauguration plans, there are a lot of big things in the works, and as I find out more I want all of you to find out more. I don’t just view my trip to D.C. as my trip, but as a trip for all of NEPA where we can all share in this momentous occasion, and all feel like we are a part of it, even if we can not all be there. Many of us felt connected in a special way during this election, and I would like to see us carry it through the inauguration and far beyond.

Again I thank all of you for giving me this great opportunity and I look forward to all of your questions and comments.


  1. Hi, it is great to read about this occasion. I really appreciate your time and the effort to represent the NEPA in this momentary thing.

    I just wanted to mention about the simling issue you talked about. It is really good to have a smily face and to bring happiness to make other people laugh. We, indeed, need to do samll things to bring out joy to other to make them smile.

    Good luck with covering that occasion, and let us know what do you think/your political view.



  2. David,

    I am glad to hear that as a freshman you are engaging in so many oppoortunities. By reading your blog I was able to recognize that even an individual as young as a freshman student in college is capable of being a successful person.

    I also want to comment on how you engage certain situations, such as the many events going on in todays society, by expressing them with humor.

    Thank you for creating a place where individuals can connect with your aspirations and opnions.



  3. David,

    It is very comforting that you are taking such an interest in this inauguration.

    What exactly, other than reporting, will you be doing while you are in D.C.?


  4. Dear David,
    I feel that the opportunities you are taking by going in Washington D.C and experiencing first hand the inaugration speech are fantastic! Im so glad that it isnt just me who is interested in poltics at such a young age.I can't wait till you post again and talk about the details of the speech and the experiences you have encountered.I want to encourage you to keep you the good work!
    Sincerely Carebear =)

  5. Dear David,
    I really appreciate the time and thought you are putting into this. This inaugration speech will be one of the most historic events of our generation. I am looking forward for your updates to see how everything went. I encourage you to keep up the good work and enjoy yourself at the same time.