Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day One

Well everybody, the Inauguration trip has officially kicked off as of Noon Friday, and I must say it has been quite the day. It all started with us, Jeff and myself, completely missing our first round of debate, which I must admit, was entirely my fault. I had class until 11:50 which I did not want to miss, which made it quite hard to get down to George Mason University for 2:00pm. Anyway, we did finally get to GMU and were on time for the second round of debate. That particular round was very frustrating; it started late…and ended even later. After we finally got out of that round, which we lost, we headed on the metro and into Washington D.C.

I have to say, Washington was just glowing this evening. Everybody seemed to be moving with an extra bounce in their step, talking with a little more pride, and looking forward to a fresh tomorrow. I admit, all of those could be related to the 9 degree temperatures… but I think it is because of one of the most historic inaugurations in our history. Everywhere I went this evening there were signs of “parade route” and “weather the change” (which were written on umbrellas) and it just really made everything hit home for me. Before now, it all seemed like a dream, something that couldn’t possibly happening, but tonight qualified everything, being in the city in lieu of this momentous event woke me up, and I remember thinking for a moment as I looked around, “I’m awake—but am still sharing in the dream of generations” and I just felt very humbled.

There isn’t too much planned for tomorrow, but check back for an update during the later part of the afternoon which should include some pictures.

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  1. Enjoy yourself, David. It looks as if you are fully qualified to appreciate the specialness of this event. I was "put onto" your blog by WVIA.
    Joan Campion